All-Fanu Mix Volume 1


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I have been thinking a lot about getting back to the breaks like I used to do it. Also, I've been getting a lot of requests to upload the mix that started it all for Fanu and largely defined me as a DNB artist: The All-Fanu Mix Volume 1.
So here it is in all its ten-years-old glory. No later remastering, limiting or any contemporary processing applied. This is just like I recorded it ten years ago.
Hope you like it. Free download.

1. The Unseen
2. Ninja Chicks
3. I Play It Cooler
4. Are You Someones' Prayer?
5. Tears Of The Killer
6. Two Drummers
7. Actual Proof - Maybe We'll Stay - Fanu remix
8. Something A Little More Radical
9. Last Solo Before Dawn
10. Siren Song
11. Lightless
12. Shogun remix
13. Witchcraft