"All DJ Shadow Set" mixed by IllEffect (EXBC Podcast 124)


May 6, 2003
Washington, DC
Here’s a set I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time now. I can’t say enough how much I admire the production work of DJ Shadow. If it wasn’t for Entroducing, I probably wouldn’t have ever gotten into DJing. I do plan on making a bit more polished “all DJ Shadow” mix sometime down the road. You can think of this as a rough draft. Enjoy.


Track Listing

1. DJ Shadow - Outsider Intro
2. DJ Shadow - Fixed Income
3. DJ Shadow - In/Flux
4. UNKLE - Bloodstain
5. DJ Shadow - Building Steam with a Grain of Salt
6. DJ Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World (Gab Mix)
7. DJ Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World
8. DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1)
9. DJ Shadow - You Made It (feat. Chris James)
10. DJ Shadow - Napalm/Scatter Brain
11. UNKLE - UNKLE (Main Title Theme)
12. DJ Shadow - Un Autre Introduction
13. DJ Shadow - Walkie Talkie
14. DJ Shadow - Hardcore (Instrumental)
15. DJ Krush - Meiso (DJ Shadow Remix)
16. DJ Shadow - Lost and Found
17. DJ Shadow - Entropy (Part C - Count & Estimate) feat. The Gift of Gab
18. Blackalicious - Swan Lake
19. DJ Shadow - The Number Song
20. DJ Shadow - The Number Song (Cut Chemist Remix)
21. Handsome Boy Modeling School - Holy Calamity feat. DJ Shadow & DJ Quest
22. DJ Shadow - Organ Donor

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