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    The day I received all crews in the post I made it home in record time and spent 4 hours reading it cover to cover and it was definitely time well spent! This is the 3rd edition in the all crews series and it lives up to its name of the Dubplate Special. Taking you on a journey through the real goings on in the Jungle scene, this book will not only settle many arguments between mates, but will start a whole load more with the detailed reports of "what really happened that night" and "who did take that rig" ?

    Anyone who has read the either of the first two books will know that this is a book not to be ignored, I recommend getting to the book shops quickly because if history repeats itself, you wont find a copy of this book anywhere in a very short time! With exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry, Goldie, Clayton TOV, Nicky Blackmarket & Andy C to name but a few, it makes not only an informative read but also succeeds in being extremely entertaining.

    The whole book is written in a very simple form of English so even the slowest of readers can pick this up and get lost for hours in tales of the scene. The book covers everything from the pirate radio raids during the graveyard shift to "that meeting" of the top 40. All crews digs deep into the scene and answers all the questions you've had at the back of your mind for a long time, anything from how an event the size of Raindance, Telepathy or Jungle Fever comes around to the number plate of Dett’s BMW, Brian Belle-Fortune has it covered.

    Grooverider calls it the definitive guide to the Jungle / Drum & Bass scene and I don’t know anyone who would disagree with that statement. Get your copy, read it, HIDE IT ! Your mates will turn on you for this book!

    -Double T
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    Wicked review mate, noice one! (y)
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    Damn never knew these books exsisted gonna have to check it. Nice review man