All Crews Followup - Got opinions?


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My girlfriend and I had drinks with Brian Bell Fortune (author of All Crews) while we were in London last week. Homie interviewed us about pH10, asked about shows we've done lately and basically wanted to know what we've been up to since our last album 'Helmutvision'. It was cool, very nice guy and fun as hell to hang out with. He drove us to Grace at Herbal afterward (Grooverider’s Weekly)

Anyway, he told us about an update to his book "All Crews" that will appear in Knowledge magazine and he wanted to know what we thought about the US DnB scene and how it’s changed over the last 2 years or so. I told him about our experiences in NYC and the crews here in Denver and that due to a handful of fiercely dedicated promoters, we can usually be sure that the big tours from the UK stop here for a show – and that they’ll be a solid list of locals supporting (or stealing) the show.

However, this was all I could offer. I mean, I love drum and bass but pH10 isn't really part of that scene and not being a DJ, I don’t follow all the DJs and producers etc. I offered to post a request for opinions from the local DJs on some forums and we'll see what we get. Basically it's a feature piece talking about what has changed (globally) in DnB since the release of ‘All Crews’ 2 years ago.

So, jot some ideas down in this space and I’ll forward it all off to him all at once next week. Make sure you include your DJ name at the end.


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Shud check out ERS-One - very active, producing and DJing in the new skool LA Jungle scene.

Keep meaning to read All Crews, just read the extracts in Knowledge so far. Important that there are people taking the time to document what's going on, and the history of this mighty Junglist movement...