All Crews: Drum and Bass book. From roots to present day

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    An updated version of "All Crew Muss Big Up" is hitting the shops early next year Jan 2005 entitled:
    All Crews

    Initially printed in 1999 as "All Crew Muss Big Up", "All Crews" Is author Brian belle Fortunes own personal journey through drum & bass culture from it's roots to present day.
    All Crews not only features a reprint of the original "All Crew Muss Big Up", but also an extensive update on the many developments in the drum & bass scene in the last five years.
    Featuring interviews with top artists like Grooverider, Shy FX and Hype.

    Lots of info about the book can be found :

    Interview with the author Brian belle Fortunes
    With a chance to win a signed copy of the book aswell.
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