All around mixer for beginner DJ


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Jan 16, 2012
Cleveland, Ohio
I've been researching my a## off trying to find a good mixer for a beginner dj. I'm in the market for a mixer between the $200 - $300 range. I'm looking to spin primarily DnB, a little bit of hip hop and rare 80s r&b. I'm not looking to be a big scratch dj BUT I do plan on building some scratch skills.

So far I have kinda narrowed down 3 possible mixers to start out with:
Numark X6
Behringer 404
Allen and Heath xone:22

I dont necessarily want to start super cheap but do not want to spend major money just yet until I get my handles down.

I've been all over the net researching so I figured I better make a post and get feedback.

Thanks folks!
I've had my eyes on the A&H Xone22. Reading reviews, the one thing that threw me off due to newbie ignorance is the crossfader doesnt have a thru setting, so you have to keep it in the middle. I'm not sure what impact this would have on me. Or really what that statement even means.

Overall I've been seeing good reviews of the products from A&H so I am leaning that way.
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