Alix Perez & SP:MC Recorded Live at FABRICLIVE 23/02/2018




It’s pretty rare for us to share any recordings from the disco – we tend to think that the experience of a night in our four walls is difficult to recreate through a pair of headphones. But on occasion, we unlock some of the most memorable sets from our archives as a special treat for those looking for a taste of EC1 at home. Our latest one is a killer set from FABRICLIVE back in February 2018, where Alix Perez & SP:MC linked up in Room Two. The 60-minute recording sees Perez gliding through his trademark style of icy drum & bass, with SP providing his usual lyrical insight on the mic. As good a way as any to prepare for Perez’s return to Farringdon for Spearhead Presents on Friday 31st January.

Alix Perez plays RM1 on 31/01:
Shame about the mic picking up all the background noise - can hear SP having a full blown conversation with some punter

Picks up around 8/9 mins

Decent set. Shame I’m banned from Fabbers

lol narcotics related dispute was it?
The vibe is completely dead in there since they re-opened, after nearly getting shut down. You would probably get kicked out for farting
Yeah man 100% agree

Glad I was able to party in that place when it was at its peak. People monging out smoking in the staircase kind of vibes - cracking
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