Alien Girl!


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Apr 3, 2002
I NEEEEED a copy of Ed Rush&Optical-Cut Slo for the B-Side Alien Girl, does anyone know where i can get a copy, it's one of my fav tunes, i'm itchin to mix the damn thing!


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Apr 3, 2002
Also after Squash- Total Science if anyone can help there, i was also after Our disease tera by Breakbeat era but i ordered the Ultra Obscene 12" of XL 2day cause somebody told me it's on the flip side, can anyone confirm?
(Anyone ever seen Swift mix that with The 1? Best thing i've ever seen, felt&heard!):D


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Apr 19, 2002



This is Dog Fort
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Nov 29, 2001
According to DNB Arena, there is an Alien Girl remix due soon?! Woo ;]


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Mar 4, 2002
I'll trade my Alien Girl 12" for a piece of hardcore.

???? - Happy Hour EP (Ibiza 0??) *Goodmorningveitnam sample*
4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse - "We Are the Future (remixes)" (Tone Def)
4 Mega* - Drop This / Higher (Whitehouse Records 007)
Acen - Trip ][ the moon part 2 (Production House)
Acen - Close Your Eyes (Optikonfusion!) (Production House PNT034R)
Acro - SuperPod (Force Ten Records)
Alk-ed - Home (Kniteforce 035)
Altern 8 - Armageddon (Network)
Altern 8 - Give It To Baby (Network)
Andy C - Sour Mash E.P. <Never Felt This Way> (Ramm 001)
Andy C - Something New Pt. 1 (Ram)
Aurora* - Spectral Bass <original mix> (STU.J)
Aurora* - Sunshine EP (Adrenalin TIR001)
Bad Influence - never too much (BI)
Bass Selective - Make Me Rush (DJ Only)
Bass X - 'Hardcore Disco' - (SHOOP 001)
Bay B Kane - Quarter To Doom (Ruff Guidance Records 004)
Bizzy B - Dubplate Wars (Brain ???)
Bizzy B - Ecstasy Is A Science (Whitehouse Record)
Bizzy B & Peashay "Itch it up my selector" (Brain ???)
Bizzi B / Technochild - Obsessions (Brain)
Blame - Music Takes You <2 Bad Mice Remix> (Moving Shadow)
Boneshakers - One Step Ahead (Reachin)
Bounty Killaz - Brighter Future (Creative Wax)
Brainstorm EP* - This one is computerized (Brain)
Carl Cox - Lets Do It (On Top 1991)
Chaos & Julia Set - Atmosphere EP (Recoil001) (had this but traded it)
China White - High and Dry EP Track AA1 Track AA2 (White Label)
Citadel of Kaos - Living Dream EP <Space Cakes> (Boombastic Plastic)
Cloud 9 - Return of the Donut / Mr. Logic (Moving Shadow)
Code 4 - Ecstasy 1 (Nunx)
Communal Mind EP (White)
Coolhand Flex - Wip lash (De Underground)
Corruption - Fluorocarbon EP (White)
Cosmic Twist EP (White)
Cosmo & Dibs - Star Eyes / Up Keys (Moving Shadow 8)
Cosmo & Dibs** - Sonic Rush / Body Work (Moving Shadow 12)
Criminal Minds - Drums Of Doom (Outland 001)
Criminal Minds - The Only Solution (..?.)
Crystal - Inna year 3000 (Freakout 001)
Crystl - Meditation/Warp Drive (Deejay DJX010)
Dac Robinson - Lucky Strike (Rabbit City CUT010)
Dance Conspiracy - Dub War (Metamorphisis / XL)
Darkus & GE Real aka Dubtronix - "Fantasy remix" (Quartz)
Defender - Feel It (bass) (Gyroscope)
Digital Boy - 1,2,3,Acid (?)
Digital Boy - OK Allright (Music Man MMI9031)
Dinosaur Dance Volume 1
DJ Aphrodite - Raw Motion (Urban Shakedown)
DJ B & EZ M**** - Break of Dawn (Industrial Noize #1)(92 amen roller w/ Pink Floyd "on the run" sample)
DJ Carl Cox - I Want You (Forever) (Perfecto)
DJ Clarkee* - Vol II E.P. <Have a Good Time> (Paradox)
DJ Clarkee - I Get Hyped (Red Zone??)
DJ Excel - Jaws (????)
DJ Excel - Just when you thought it was safe (white)
DJ Genesis - X Rated Movie (Ibiza)
DJ Jinx - Paradise Project (Music Madness [MM003])
DJ Kid Twist - Dope On Plastic (Liquid Wax Records)
DJ Massive - The Intelligent Hardcore EP (Labello Blanco LB38)
DJ Nex - Respect Is Due (stafford north)
DJ Phantasy** - Pig Bag (Liquid Wax)
DJ Phantasy - Ruff Beats (original) (Liquid Wax)
DJ Phantasy ?Dance to the rhythm that makes you move? (Liquid Wax)
DJ Phantasy - Never try the hippodrome
DJ Phantasy* - Jungle EP remix (note: Dreamscape 5 unknown 2)
DJ Phantasy - !!!!!!!!(almost)Anything by this guy!!!!(92-93)!!!!!!
DJ Pooch - Hold it now (ME10)
DJ Rap & Aston* - Vertigo (Q Bass Dark remix) (Suburban Base)
DJ Seduction & DJ Phantasy - DJ's Unite Vol. 1 (HAN 004)
DJ Seduction - DJ's Unite Vol. 2 (Impact)
DJ Seduction - DJ's Unite Vol. 3 (Impact)
DJ Seduction - Technoid (Impact) (from ratty @ the edge mix)
DJ Space** - The Visitor (Jumpin & Pumpin) <samples Prince & Quadraphonia!!)
DJ SS - respect to the following (Formation)
DJ Torchman - Tell Me (Face)
DJ Trax - High Time [Nookie remix] (Moving Shadow)
DJ Trax - Infinite Hype / We Rock the Most (Moving Shadow 23)
DMS - Love Overdose (Production House)
Doc Scott - NHS vol.1 (?)
Doc Scott - Rage (Reinforced)
D.O.P.E. Part 2 (Rugged Vinyl)
D.O.P.E. - When I was young <original> (????)
Dr Skuf - Sensi (Vinyl Rhythm)
D-Shake - Tekno Bam (Go Bang! 17)
Dub Two - Bad Man (Big City)
Edge 2 - ? (edge)
Edge 3 - ? (edge)
Edge 4 - ? (edge)
Ed Rush - Bludclot Artattack (No-U-Turn)
Electronic Experienced vol.1 - no. 303 (Basement BRSS025)
Electronic Experienced - More IQ (Basement BRSS032)
Elevation - Make it Right (RAM RAMM005)
Ellis Dee / Krome + Time - Drum Thunder (New Dimension)
Enforcer - Damn Tuff (Awesome)
Eoad** - Love's the feeling (Ibiza 028)
Essence Of Aura - Destiny EP (EOA 001) *Cold Gettin Busy On The Tempo*
Essence of Aura - Intruder (Outstanding)
Essence of Aura - Pure Essence EP (EOA/Outstanding productions)
EQ** - Graphic EP <Im So High / Total Exstasy> (Formation FORM12006)
Equation - Cyberflux (Kore)
Faze Lock - Come Again (Deep Seven)
Flag - Eruption (Jumpin & Pumpin)
Freestyle + DJR - Madness / Won't Stand Still (Awesome Promo 006)
Fokus - Chillout / Vexed (Blueprint 002)
Force Mass Motion - Force Mass Motion EP (Rabbit City CUT004)
Force Mass Motion - Panic Remix (Rabbit City PANICR)
Force Mass Motion - Psycosis EP (Rabbit City CUT009)
Formula 7 - Its not just ragga (Brain)
Foul Play Vol.2 (Oblivion)
Foul Play - Feel the Vibe (Oblivion)
*****I WANT I WANT I WANT FINEST ILLUSION!!!********************
Foul Play Productions** - "Finest Illusion(vocal mix)/Screwface" (Section 5)
*****I WANT I WANT I WANT FINEST ILLUSION!!!********************
Foul Play - Dubbing You (Moving Shadow ??)
Foul Play vol. 3 (Moving Shadow)
Foul Play - Open Your Mind / Survival Remix (Moving Shadow 29)
Foul Play - Open Your Mind (Nookie Remix) / Finest Illusion (Legal Mix) (Moving Shadow 29R2)
F Project - Dark and Moody Volume 1 (F Project)
F Project - Mega 2 (F Project)
F Project 004 - Tango Project (White)
Frank de Wulf - B-Sides Vol. 1 (Music Man MMI9001)
Frank de Wulf - B-Sides Vol. 2 (Music Man MMI9004)
Frank de Wulf - B-Sides Vol. 3 (Music Man MMI9008)
Frank de Wulf - The B-Sides Remixed (Music Man MMI9011)
Frank de Wulf - B-Sides Vol. 4 (Music Man MMI 9024)
Frank de Wulf - Beyond the B-sides (Music Man MMI 9331)
Funky Junky - Rushin'
Funky Nutty Loop for a Raving Soul Man - The Rhythm is Jumpin (Summer Sunshine mix) (Detroit)
Genaside II - Narra Mine (FFRR)
Glide - Alright (Absolute 2)
Goldseal Records 004 (White)
Grooverider - INTA [The Anthem] remix (Prototype 001)
Hit Me (MPRT)
Hyper~on Experience - Lords Of The Null Lines <original> (Moving Shadow)
Hyper~on Experience - Lords Of The Null Lines <Foul Play Remix> (Moving Shadow)
Hyper~on Experience - Assention <to the 9th level> (Moving Shadow)
Intense* - Genesis Project EP (Rugged -Vinyl 9)
Invisible Men - Invisible Techno (Orbital)
Ionosphere - Perfect Hibernation (Just 4 Me)
J. F. & E - Mystery 159 (White)
Jack Smooth - Tell me something (Sound Entity)
Jem 77 - Never felt this way (21 Records)
Jem 77 - Forbidden Planet (21 Records)
Jim Polo - The Nightrider Part 1 (Dark Horse)
JMJ & Richie - Case Closed / Hall Of Mirrors (Moving Shadow)
Junk Records 002 - EP EP (Junk)
Junk 003 (white label)
Junk 004*** (Junk 004) (Grooverider@theedge tune: "I'm sorry but your scratch is up")
K - Transmission (Audio Culture)
Kurnel Knifecut and General Gun - Theme from Daddy Armshouse (Daddy Armshouse)
Kev Bird + The Wax Doctor - THE VISIT TO 14B E.P. <Dark Matter> (Basement BRSS6)
Kev Bird - Kano (Basement)
Kev Bird - This is a trip (Basement BRSS 12)
Kid Twist - Dope On Plastic (Liquid Wax)
Kicks Like A Mule - The Bouncer (????)
Krackpotz - Taking the Biscuit (786 Recordings)
Krome & Time - Manic Stampede/This is the sound for.. (SUBBASE 011)
Krome & Time - Manic Stampede/This is the sound for.. *Remixes* (SUBBASE 011R)
L.T. Bukem - Logical Progression (VMR)
Lemon D - DJ's on Wax EP (Planet Earth)
Lemon D - Flashback (Planet Earth)
Lemon D - Kinetic State (Planet Earth)
Lemon D - Something I Feel (Planet Earth)
Lennie de Ice - We Are I.E. (I.E. 1989)
Low Noise Block - Rave in the Bedroom (Ibiza)
Luckyspin Records 007 - ? (Luckyspin)
Luna C Project - Edge of Madness (Knite Force)
M.d.emm 2 - Move Your Feet (Strictly Underground)
Mad Ragga Jon** - Original Bad Boy (Mad House Records)
Magnox - Ragamanic (White)
Marveline - Learn to love
Mayhem - M-Power (Basement Records)
The Men From Del Bosca* - El Bland E (Giant Trax)
Men From Del Bosca* - Street Knowledge (Giant Trax)
Metal Heads - Terminator (Synthetic Hardcore Phonography)
Menace Makes 3 - Pure Hysteria (Danse City)
Mission of One - Roughness (BTL)
Modular Expansion - Unit 1 (Music Man MMI9021)
Modular Expansion - Unit II (Music Man MMI9033)
Modular Expansion - Unit II (Music Man MMI9303)
Moonwalk 1 - Track A1 / Track A2 (White)
Moses On Acid - In Ska House (?)
MS Six - In The Jungle EP (Remix) (Absolute 2)
Mystery Man - DJ Business (Fokus)
Nebula II - Flatliners (J4M)
Neuromancer - Pennywise Original (Symphony Sounds 003)
Neuromancer - Pennywise (Clown Remix) (Symphony Sounds )
New Decade - Get the Message (remix) (Out Of Romford)
Noise Factory - Can you feel the rush (Ibiza 026)
Noise Factory - Feel the Magic (3rd Party)
Noise Factory - Need a release (Entity NTT12-11)
Noise Factory - The Dungeon (Ibiza 005)
Noise Of Art - Rolling Deep (Monday Mix) (Subbase ???)
Nookie - Return of Nookie (Reinforced RIVET 1239)
Nosebleed - Left / Right Nostril (Face)
NRG - Feel the Fury (Chill Records)
NRG - The Real Hardcore <aka I need your lovin'> (Chill Records)
Origination - Shine On (Unreleased 92 remix) (RUDE007)
Origin Unknown - Valley of the Shadows (Long Dark Remix) (RAM 004R)
Out of Orda - Zone 7 (Out of Orda)
Outphaze - Drop the Bass (Tone)
Peshay - On The Firm from the Protege EP (????)
Persons Unknown - Time to get raw / Killa (Candidate)
Potential Bad Boy- Vibes E.P. (Redskins)
Psychic TV "Jack The Tab" (????)
Psychic TV "Jack The Tab" *Picture Disk LP* (????)
Psychic TV "Money For E" (Invisible Records)
Psychic TV "Tune In, Turn On To Acid House" (Invisible Records)
Pulse + Wax Doctor - Brighter Future (Creative Wax)
Pulse & Wax Doctor** - Approach & Identify (????)
Poosie & Cru-L-T - Hear Me Hear Me (Knite Force)
Rabbit City Records * 001 "The Cutter" (Have the repress but need another for a friend)
Raging Rockers** - Kounter Act (Ruby Red Records LTD15)
Raging Rockers** - Kounter Act (Top Buzz Rmx) (Ruby Red Records)
Rebel MC - I cant get no sleep (dub) (Tribal Bass)
Recall - Driller Killer (Deja Vu DJV008)
Release - Dance in Eden (Contagious)
Remarc** - HELP ME E.P (Dollar #1)
Rhythm For Reasons - Grand National Original Mix (Formation FORM002)
Rhythm for Reasons - Music in Search of the Light EP (Formation FORM12022)
Rhythm Section - Feel the Rhythm (Rhythm Section)
Rhythm Section - Is This Real (Rhythm Section)
Ruffige Cru - Darkrider / Menace (Reinforced 24)
Ruff Groove - Lock Me Up (Ruff Groove)
Ruff guidance EP* (Ruff guidance)
Rush Till Dawn - Hedgehog Affair Part 3 <Don't Just Stand There> (Basement BRSS10)
Rush Till Dawn - 'Come on let's have some fun' (Purple Heart)
Satin Storm - Lets get together
Satin Storm - Think I'm going out of my head
Scott & Keith** - Get Busy Kru (Reinforced 41)
Shades of Rhythm - Sweet Sensation (ZTT)
Shades of Rhythm - Jungle EP - Sweet sensation [Ray Keith remix] (S.O.R)
Skanna - Ceasefire / Dreamin (Whitehouse)
Skin Up - A Jucey Red Apple (Polydor Ltd UK)
Skin Up - Ivory <Ebony Mix> (Polydor Ltd UK)
Smooth But Hazardous - Push The Levels (????)
Sonic Experience** - Musics Gonna Rule The World (Strictly Underground)
Sonic Experience** - Protein (Strictly Underground)
Space Cube - Live is Picnic (Edge)
Spinback & Windmill - Divine inspiration (legend 02)
Studio Pressure - Jump (Certificate 18 #3)
Sub Love - 1 4 0 (Earth)
SUBURBAN KNIGHT "Nocturbulous Behavior" (Underground Resistance 011)
Subplates Vol.1 (Suburban Base SUBBASE24)
Success & Effect (Carl Cox) - Roll It Up (Joey Boy?)
Success & Effect (Carl Cox) - Lets Do It (Joey Boy?)
Sy Kick - Upside / Nasty (remix) (Hamster 12QUICK1)
Sy-Kick - Knowledge E.P. <Follow Me> (Hamster 12QUICK4)
Syko + Max - Here and Now (pmt)
Takeaboom - Feel that feelin' (Urban Shakedown)
Tango** - Can't Stop the Rush Remix (Formation)
Tek 9 - Real Love (Reinforced)
Tek Nik - The power of the darkside (F-Project White 30)
The Charm - Bass Overdose EP (White)
The Core - High in the jungle (The Core)
The House Crew - Euphoria (Nino's Dream) (Production House)
The Hypnotist - Rainbows In The Sky (Rising High)
The Moog - Jungle Muffin (original) (Delirous)
The Moog Remix E.P - Going Crazy (Justice Remix) (Delirious Recordings)
The Skunk Club - Skratch the Beat (Vinyl Rhythm)
The Sorceror - The Elevator (After Dark ADR 01)
The Tranquil One - Rave Era / Dance to the Music (786)
THE VISION - Gyroscopic EP (Underground Resistance 008)
Tic Tac Toe*** - Ephemarol (Original mix) (white label)
Tight Control - Hardcore Piano (Bear Necessities)
Timelapse - Sued for a sample (Out of Romford)
Timelapse - Sunshine Choir (Out of Romford)
Todd Terry - This will be mine (Freeze Records?)
Tom & Jerry*** - Papillion Love Song (Tom + Jerry Volume 3) (grooverider@theedge tune: "let it go")
Tom & Jerry - We Can Be Free/Physics (Shell 002)
Top Buzz - Living in the Darkness / Viola (Basement BRSS013)
Trashman - Cosmotrash The Remixes (Music Man MMI9350)
Tronix - Double Zero EP (White)
Turntable Hype - Set You Free (Go Bang! 13)
Two Dark Troopers - I Wanna Be Your Lover (Basement 20)
U96* - Fly like a dum dum (FFRR)
Untoucbables - Njoi This (Tough Toonz)
Urban Shakedown - Bass Speaker (Urban Shakedown)
Urban Shakedown* - Do it Now! (Urban Shakedown)
Wax Doctor - A New Direction EP (Basement BRSS11)
Wax Doctor & Jack Smooth - New Direction 93 Remix (Basement BRSS027)
Wax Doctor - Another Direction (Basement 18)
Weekend Rush EP - Desire (Boogie Beat)
Wishdokta - Rush / Whine you Bottom (Kickin)
Wishdokta - Visitation (Asylum)
X-Ray Experiments - Take no chance (?)
XL Four Play EP - Various (XL)
Xpin - Hypersonic - White (blue vinyl)
Yolk - Sunny Side Up E.P. <Music for the people / Bish Bosh> (Ruffbeat001)

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