Alexi - New Day (Liquid/Dancefloor Track)


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Sep 17, 2010
yeh sweet track man...really loving the quality of the guitar, but if im gonna be really picky :p :

the high staccato synth thats used in the intro and the bridge is slightly too loud..i think u can drop it by a fraction and even raise the guitar volume for those sections if u want.

the vocal just before the drops isnt clear enough for me, and not sure about the effects uve used on it, maybe make it a lil cleaner

i think ur sub is hitting too high freqs, or maybe u need to layer a much lower sub on top with some low pass filter, plus it would increase the impact of your track when it drops.

nice mix down apart from that though, drums are sounding nice and tight, good production overall...i really like the guitar as ive said it a sample or did u play it?
everything ive said is imo ofc... :D


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May 21, 2007
cheers, agreed with everything said

there's a fair few things I wanted to change about the track, but lost the project file, so just had to settle with this version


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Oct 25, 2009
the guitars and synth are nice and clean imo, not such a fan of this type of tune but its pretty solid production to be fair!
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