ALEX NILSON 4em compilation (nirvana: the master with the spiritual keys) available!

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    Mar 16, 2011
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    4em compilation (nirvana: the master with the spiritual keys) from concept " spiritual evolution" is available !!!
    breakbeat, electronica, drum&bass, expe, idm ...


    1) (intro) TUU : kalpa taru (tree of wishes)
    2) amon tobin: marine machines
    3) b-art2 in Klieksjeeker
    4) high tone: mental reaction
    ...5) oeuf raide: demon lover
    6) b-art2: wain is not toe mai teest
    7) b-Art2 in Vierkant
    8) psidream: oblivion
    9) aphex twin: vordhosbn
    10) the sect: victim featuring axis and trank
    11) axion. Optiv & spsidream: break in
    12) morebeat: butterfly in hell
    13) rawtekk: dna vip
    14) squarepusher: plotinus
    15) aphex twin: 54 cymru beats
    16) anouska shankar: shuddha sarang
    17) dom& sketch: ritual
    18) dj krome& mr time: the licence
    19) remarc: rip
    20) high tone: heavy weather
    21) osmani soundz: spiritual master key
    22) badmarsh & shri: parrallel crossing
    23) squarepusher: do you know
    24) ucture: mira universe
    25) n.phect dizplay generic subtone: outspace
    26) milanese: mr bad news (clark remix)
    27) soundmurderer& sk 1: soundclash remix
    28) king kannibal: a a a i e
    r g m styl
    29) rotator: help me to keep up destruktion
    30) supply module: a discharging revolver showing gunshot residue componements
    31) (end) TUU : kalpa taru (tree of wishes)