Alcapadones Faves


I want to start a new series of mixes of my favourite tunes. There are all kinds of DnB. So... have a listen... like it... criticize it... give me a feedback :)

Here is the first one.

The best on planet earth: Drum & Bass


Sand Storm by Matrix & Futurebound

Out The Blue by Sub Focus Feat. Alice Gold

Reflection by Matrix & Futurebound feat. Cat Night

Knite Riderz by Matrix & Futurebound

Return of Forever (Klute Rmx) by High Contrast

Strength 2 Strength by Matrix & Futurebound

Sun King by State of Mind

X-Ray by Sub Focus

Follow the Light by Sub Focus

Kiss kiss bang bang by High Contrast

Troglodyte by Culture Shock

Crunch by Wilkinson

Refuse To Love by Loadstar

Re-Animator by Maldini & Vegas feat. Sylo

Perfect Drug by Ed Rush & Optical (feat. Matrix)

Still Grey by Pendulum

Firestorm by Stakka

Hey Mr DJ turn up the music by Internationale feat Camo & Krooked

Timewarp by Sub Focus

Starfall by DJ Fresh feat. Valkyrie

Cape fear (tantrum desire rmx) by Drumsound & Bassline Smith

Cold Turkey VIP by Drumsound & Bassline Smith

Snake Eyes by Feint feat. CoMa

Thanks for listening
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Alcapadones Faves the 2nd

aaaand... the 2nd :)


0:00 DJ Fresh feat. Pendulum & Fats- Babylon rising
1:18 Eric Prydz- Piano (High Contrast RMX)
3:08 The Quemists- Your Revolution
3:31 / 3:53 Hazard- Time Tripping
3:41 / 4:04 Lynx- Disco Dono
4:37 D Kay & Black Sun Empire- Bullet in the Head
5:05 Ozma- Censored VIP
6:33 Hazard- Use your Brain/ Sidney Samson feat. Wizard Sleeve- Riverside
9:52 Baron- Half Light Half Life
11:42 Baron- Squelch
13:56 Future Prophecies- Dreadlock/ TC- Tap Ho
16:53 Zoom- My Soul (Wreckage Machinery Remix)
17:15 Agent X- Fallin (Feat. Mutya & Ultra) (Shockone Mix)
20:02 Cyantific feat. Matrix- Cover Story
22:48 Matrix & Futurebound- American Beauty (VIP Mix)
24:13 Gorillaz- Feel Good (DnB RMX)
28:06 Baron- St. Elmo
30:07 Brookes Brothers feat. Robert Owens- Beautiful
34:44 Skepta - Rescue Me (Sigma Remix)/ Temper D & K Fire- Tripswitch
37:41 Camo & Crooked- Anubis
38:03 Danny Byrd- Make it weighty
39:09 Sub Focus- Flamenco
40:16 Noisia- Diplodocus
41:44 Hazard- Digital Bumble Bees
44:25 Flamewaverz- SAW
45:21 DC Breaks- SWAG
46:49 Xample feat Lomax- Contra
49:01 Wilkinson feat P Money & Arlissa (Calyx & TeeBee RMX)- Heartbeat
51:36 Xample- Lowdown VIP
54:33 Distorded Minds- T-10
56: 54 Sub Focus- Timewarp

Hope you like it!
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Re: Alcapadones Faves the 2nd

This one is full of smooth beats. Something to chill and think about different stuff.

Hope you like it!


01. 0:00 Wilkinson- afterglow
02. 0:00 Jay Dabhi & Moises Modesto- cry for freedom (original mix)
03. 1:50 B-Complex- it's a funny world
04. 2:51 London Elektricity- the strangest secret in the world
05. 5:03 B-Complex- salad is ok
06. 6:54 Another Experience- spring
07. 9:17 Sub Focus- smooth
08. 10:45 Future Prophecies- September (feat. Roger Ludvigsen)
09. 12:14 Dan Marshall- remember me
10. 13:42 B-Complex- salam parky horcica-
11. 15:54 Adele- Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix)
12. 18:07 Utah Saints- Something Good (High Contrast 2008 rmx)
13. 18:07 Logistics- the trip
14. 22:09 Hectix- lie
15. 24:44 Blame- Star (Main Mix Dub)
16. 25:39 B-Complex- beautiful lies
17. 27:07 unknown- Pulp Fiction 2006 (Sector Dnb Remix)
18. 27:51 DJ Fresh- The Power (Andy C Remix)
19. 31:44 Danny Byrd- ill behavior

Thanks for listening!!
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Did no. 4 a while ago.


0:00 Danny Byrd- Bang!
1:21 VV Brown - Game Over (Delta Heavy Remix)
2:27 Audio- Headroom
3:56 DC Breaks- Burning
4:50 Tiesto- Red Lights (Blame Remix)
5:55 Doctor P- Sweet Shop (Friction Vs Camo & Krooked Remix)
9:57 Aquasky Slipz N Dapz- You Know We Do It Big
9:57 DC Breaks- Halo
12:11 Shockone - the Calling
15:06 Medicin- Mobius Strip (Tantrum Desire Remix)
16:53 The Prototypes- Pale Blue Dot
18:43 The Qemists & Maxsta- Renegade (J Majik & Wickaman Remix)
20:55 Shock One- Polygon (ft.Reija Lee)
22:50 Pendulum- Tarantula (Pendulum Vs. Fresh Ft. Spyda & Tenor Fly)
23:40 DJ Hazard- World of Darkness
25:29 Future Prophecies- Dreadlock
26:57 E.Decay & Mad Vibes RMX - Flatbakers
28:36 Affinity- Static (Moving Fusion & Ant Miles Remix)
29:19 Sub Focus- Swamp Thing
31:32 DJ Fresh- Submarines (Pendulum Remix)
34:27 Alcapadone- Discombobulate (DnB RMX)
36:20 Alcapadone- Michael meets Mozart (DnB RMX)
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