Album: Rollin' - Best Of D&B Volume 3


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Nov 29, 2001
Title: Blackmarket Presents Rollin' - Best Of Drum & Bass Volume 3
Artist: Various (Mixed and compliled by Nicky Blackmarket)
Label: Azuli Records
Cat No: AZCD12

Once word.. GASH!!

I'm so glad I was given this CD, as Nicky has not done his mixing skills justice on this one. I don't even know why he even put his name on this one! :p

Track selection includes 'Dogs On The Moon', 'Ras 78', 'Shake Ur Body', and 'Human B Bop'. As you can tell, the track selection is fine for the time that the CD was released, it's just the double beats and clashing that puts me off!!

I don't know what volumes 1 and 2 are like, but if they are anything like volume 3, I don't even want to hear them!

Come on Nicky, I know you can do better :D


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Apr 17, 2002
"Nicky Blacmarket's unstopable

To be honest that sounds pretty much like what he was like when he came to edinburgh. Before he came I had only heard a mixtape of his (unfortunatly EVERY TUNE on BOTH sides was rewound! I couldn't believe it) So he had alot to make up for when he came, but played the same dozen tunes as everyone, rewound more often and mixed less. Go figure.
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