DnB Album Competition

Moskits Nan

Jan 3, 2017
As you all may or may not know, I have a huge album forthcoming on the infamous Ram Records this summer which I am super excited about, without giving away too much there are some amazing collaborations on there with people that are frankly my musical heroes since I can remember (which isn't very long at my age!!!)

This leads me on to an exclusive competition that I am holding - To name my forthcoming album & also create the artwork for it!!!

The lucky winner will receive:

- 2 x advance vinyl copies of my forthcoming album
- 5 x copies of my exclusive mix for the Ram 2017 Annual (b2b Erb N Dub)
- 10 x VIP tickets to Westfest for myself b2b Erb N Dubs first festival set of 2017
- 1 x Andy C Trucker Cap
- 1 x lock of Red One's pubes
- A buy one get one free Pizza Express voucher for a blind date with MC Trigga's Eye
- A 3 day studio session with Inside Info to create some amazing 3rd division bangers
- Nude pictures of my grandson aged 18 +

Please leave your album name suggestions & artwork entries below.

Good luck to everybody!!!! :2thumbs:


VIP Junglist
Apr 4, 2014
If I win, do I have to get all the prizes? I'm only in it for Red One's pubes to be honest. :-/
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