Akai Mpk 49 and FL Studio & Midi Channels

KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going insane with Mapping my AKAI MPK 49 in fucking FL Studio... for real!
I have 4 massive Vst opened up in my templete and I wanna modify each Preset on my midi to different one of them (AKA - Preset 1 is for Massive 1 which is for synth; Preset 2 is for Massive 2 which is for bass etc).
So when I link controllers under Preset 1 with Massive 1 controllers, then my Midi CH is 1A for whole Preset 1. When I wanna modify Massive 2 under Preset 2, then I link my Preset 2 controllers with Massive 2 and then in my MIDI CH i set 2A for the preset 2 (because when I leave Midi CH to 1A, then under preset 2 controllers are still linked to preset 1).
Now the fucking thing is that on the keyboard I press "Edit" and I Turn K1 knob so it activates K1 then I select - CNTL CHANGE and - Set midi CH to 2A and pressed > and enter to save and did this to all the knobs under Preset 2 - set MIDI CH 2A and when I have done this to all knobs (8 of them) and I turn them, then it shows that MIDI CH is 2A. NOW when I switch to preset 1 and then back to Preset 2 and turn my knobs, it's still Midi CH 1A... like it didn't save it but I did press the save button. This fucking drives me totally insane and I'm about to fucking go nuts because I wanna make some fucking sound already but because of this BS crap I haven't been able to do anything.
Does anyone have some kind of experience in FL Studio with AKAI MPK 49 and stuff like that?