my name is lucy, and though my user name says kingoftherastas, im a girl haha! but kings are that teeny bit more prestigius than queens yano what i mean, and me tinks kingoftherastas has a better ring to it, mwahaha!
i turned 18 in january of this year and have been going to raves ever since. i have a lot of love for ze drum and ze bass and am very interested to see where the liquid phenomenom takes the genre! i love anything with deep bass... creaky bass is my favourite hahaaaa! my favourite drum and bass DJs/producers include: B-Complex, Lenzman, Logistics, Unknown Error, Physics, Prolix, Spectrasoul, Crissy Criss, Spor, Muffler, Dirty Phonics, Noisia, Randomer and Klute.
However my other great music love is dubstep, my favourite dubstep DJs/producers include: 2000F, Joker, DJ JSL, Sukh Knight, Plastician, Stenchman, Twisted and Cookie Monsta!

i look forward to finding some cool music and talking to people who like the same sort of music as me on this here site. peace out amigos! :)


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Welcome on!:wave:

Check out the Member Mixes and Mixes & Track Listings sections for some nice mixes, and also there is a thread called "In Need Of Some Dutty Dubstep" that has some nice and dirty dubstep mixes all over the place in that thread :D.


Edit: Here's that dubstep thread:

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