Aftershockradio dj competition! Check out these dnb clips on youtube!


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Apr 14, 2003
Hello! We are a crew based out of Urbana Illinois (2 hours from Chicago, near the University of Illinois), where do a weekly dnb/dubstep show every Wednesday that gets streamed through (Midnight to 2 am GMT, and for us it is 6-8 pm central standard time).

This January we are participating in a mix competition sponsored by aftershock radio. The youtube clips with the most positive responses and views get to be finalists in the dj competition, so please check out our sets! They are taken from a webcam broadcast of our show!

DJ GEIST ASR/RC/GE DJ competition

DJ RORO ASR/RC/GE DJ competition

DJ MOBIUS ASR/RC/GE DJ competition

Tracklist for the DJ GEIST clip:

1. Ed Rush, Optical, Fierce “Pod” (unreleased promo only 20 vinyl copies exist of this record!!!!)
2. Crossfire “Skywarp”
3. Roni Size + Reprazent “Share the fall”
4. Matrix + Futurebound “Family” (nu-tone+logistics Remix)

...longer 30 minute mixes should be up on the webpage
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