After Dark Radio Newsletter 11/08/2008

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    After Dark Radio Newsletter 11/08/2008

    The Week in Brief
    This month has seen us book several Big names for the next few weeks, feature in Knowledge Magazine, we have had the server upgraded to unlimited listeners and unlimited bandwidth, new community builder on the site where you can make a profile like Facebook, new chatroom, new shop which is being made which will contain t-shirts and other merchandise. Old Kool FM residents jump on board to take us back to the Oldskool. Confirmed the Midlands dark knights, Tria Mera promoters Freenote & Tekprime for a Friday show on the 15th August 5-7pm.

    New Artists On-Board
    In the next couple of months we will be hosting a range of 1 off shows every month. Already confirmed for the shows are
    Benny & Aries
    Freenote & Tek-Prime
    Brookes Brothers
    Nicky Blackmarket
    Little Red Raver
    Also Dark Asylum’s Zeal & Lita will be doing a regular show!

    Website Changes
    We have just upgraded the server because we thought it wouldn’t be able to handle the traffic with our new artists coming along, it has been upgraded so we can have unlimited listeners and bandwidth, bigger space for archived mixes. The website server will also be upgraded next week with even more space. Look out for all future shows recorded and added to the downloads page. New chatroom with moderator facilities and news. New community builder which lets you make your own profile, upload pictures & give some info about yourself. Updated calendar with events from around the midlands and also lets you see events in date and time format thus allowing you to plan your weekend easily.

    Looking For Artists
    We are always looking for new artists and producers to get involved. There are still slots to fill so if you fancy a show then please contact us. We will try and schedule all artists for either one off shows, exclusive mix broadcasting or a regular weekly slot. Contact us on the details below.

    Old Kool FM Residents
    We have taken on board some old Kool FM residents to bring you a whole night of Oldskool. You can catch Justify 6-8pm, Dutch-E 8-10PM & Rolz 10-12pm every Thursday night.

    Free Advertising
    If you would like to advertise free of charge on After Dark Radio then please get in touch on the details below, we will be happy to play adverts and put information on the website without charge. Just catch Hakka on AIM or email us.

    Contact Details
    AIM – Hakka ADR