Garage Aetherial - Goodbye


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Aug 13, 2013
Not sure i'd call it garage (halftime maybe?) the tempo and beat for garage would be faster and not halftime but what even are genres anyway. This is pretty decent.

From what I can hear the mix is ok but my headphones aren't the best.

I don't dislike your melodies, but I think the occasional big leap upwards would add a lot of interest, rather than just going up and down by small steps at a time.

I like the breakdown and kind of think you could make more of it, like strip it back even more before going back in.


Feb 18, 2013
Cheers guys!
Yeah it's not really Garage, but I'm honestly not sure what it is lol. Electronic Indie? But like you said, who cares.
I can't really say how good the mix is cause I'm producing on Logitech Z623 atm. I somewhat know how it's supposed to sound on these speakers tho since I've had them for a long time. But my mixes are far from perfect. Lots to learn still.
Regarding the rest, I'll definitely take it into consideration and see what I can do with it!
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