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    Dabs: Odessah / Aeph&Maize: Rebirth [MOD006]




    Dabs -

    One of the upcoming artists of the moment, his tracks appear and are
    forthcoming on many important labels such as Citrus (NL), Mayhem's
    Aesthetics (USA), Kano's Cyclone (UK), Basswerk (DE), Trust In Music (DE),
    M-Atome (FR) to name a few. His neuro sound ranges from dancefloor to deeper
    and athmosperic vibes with funk as an imprint.
    As a dj, he played alongside Massive Attack, Commix, Hype, Calyx, Storm,
    Aphrodite, Dope Ammo, Silent Witness, Jade etc. Winner of the prestigious
    italian contest Elettrowave Challenge 2008 as "best dnb italian
    dj-producer", his tune "Stare Forward" has been remixed by N.Phect (Renegade
    Hardware, Subtitles) for the respected italian label Modulate and a huge
    number of releases is coming out in 2009-10.
    Keep up with the Dabs "Varial" sets online that always feature dubplates
    from him and most of the best funk heads of the globe.


    Aeph -

    Aeph, real name Simone Vallecorsa, is an italian 25 years old producer from
    When he was just a teenager, he had become fascinated by the dnb music scene
    and he started to produce taking inspiration from old skool dnb artists
    (Goldie, Dillinja, Roni Size, DJ Hype, LTJ Bukem) and nu skool producers as
    well (Pendulum, Sub Focus, Noisia, Phace, Spor, Misanthrop, Jade, Prolix..)
    According to his background in electro, hip hop, breakbeat and rock/metal is
    also influenced by different vibes (Amon Tobin, Daft Punk, Sebastian, Dj
    Premier, Unearth, The Haunted, Prodigy, Propellerheads..).
    His first outstanding release was "Andante Violento" , succeeded by "Leave
    Me Alone" and "The Verge" on Modulate Recordings digital (IT).
    "System 7" Ep was out on Flight Recordings digital (USA) which had deeply
    positive feedback even Proktah mentioned it during an interview on Knowledge
    Recently, "Changes" in collaboration with Maztek, has released on Subcuture
    Recordings digital (IT).
    The Dogsick is forthcoming on Trust In Music (GER) LP featuring other artist
    from the international DnB scene while Dirty Gash / Black Days (produced
    with Maztek) are coming out on Icarus Audio 12" (USA) likewise Rebirth
    (featuring Maize) on Modulate Recordings 12".


    Maize -

    Maize is an Italian producer who ranges from Neuro-dub to Electro sounds.
    He was born in 1984 in a little town in Sicily (Italy) and at the age of 12
    he takes a visceral interest in Hip Hop music. Musically raised by the
    curiosity of his brother, Maize begins rhyming and after discovering the
    jungle-dnb explosive sounds at the age of 16. After he moves to Rome where
    he starts emceeing in dnb parties. There he begins to produce electronic
    music and hip-hop beats thanks to the producer ElectroHaze who shows him
    professional softwares. He takes part in the “Maffia Mc Contest" and
    participates in the warm-up of famous artists like J-Majik and Mackie
    (Resonant Evil) under the ambiguous pseudonym Fake MC. Then he decides to
    concentrate his efforts exclusively to producing. He meets Aeph and begins
    to make tracks with him under the name of LOTUS. They cooperate in the track
    "Collateral" (Maximum Ammo) Muffler side B, with collaboration of Dabs.
    Maize gets together with Dabs producing the track "Submorph" too and has
    many own projects to his name waiting to be completed. He continues to makes
    original hip-hop music under other names.