Aeph/Dabs - Andante violento/Creaks - DataMod006

Aeph : Andante Violento / Dabs : Creaks [ModulateData006]

Aeph : Andante Violento - Dabs : Creaks [datamod006]
08/01/08: Beatport Exclusive - 06/02/08 : Official Release Date

Simone Vallecorsa (Aeph) from Rome (IT) is a 23 years old italian dnb dj-producer. He started to produce music when he was 16 .. His background is in electro, hip hop and breakbeat. He takes inspiration for his works from old skool drum&bass artists (Goldie, Roni Size, DJ Hype, LTJ Bukem) but also from nu skool (Pendulum, Sub Focus, Dillinja..), "dark" (Noisia, Phace, Spor, Misanthrop, Jade, Prolix..) and something "different" (Daft Punk, Kavinsky, Sebastian, Rouge Elements, Bag Raiders..).
During this years improving his sound design, mixing and the Aeph's sound is a mix of tech sonorities with cacthy atmospheres turned to the dancefloor.
During the season 2007/08 he will play for Romastyle Party in Linux Club (the only roman club having a weekly dnb residence).
Recently his tune “Andante Violento” have been signed by italian label Modulate Recordings.. he has also two 12" forthcoming with his sideproject 'band' called LOTUS (featuring Fake001): "Collateral" with the producer Dabs for Maximum Ammo Recordings (UK) and "Rebirth" for Modulate Recordings.

Dabs is Davide Rustici, one of the most productive and relevant personalities among the Italian drum’n bass dj-producers, now starting to step into the international dnb panorama. He started to produce with Cubase when he was 16 year-old, creating hip hop instrumentals and making scratch for a rap crew in Rome (Kaotici).
From 2000 he got closer to the techno-rave scene, interested by the darker and hypnotic sound vibes. He started to collect vinyls, from the acid english-dutch techno to the French techno-breakbeat then he got in touch with the faster jungle rhythms (Hype, Zinc, LTJ Bukem, Goldie to name a few). Among these he was totally captured by the music that now is called neurofunk or techoid: dark drum’n bass produced at first by names such as Ed Rush & Optical, Konflict, Diesel boy and many others.
From 2003 he began to produce his first drum’n bass tunes, improving his knowledge about production and drum’n bass music tendencies through the net and continued to play his preferred vinyls. Dabs now promotes and spreads tech-neurofunk beats. But in his productions he adds deep and athmospheric elements, fast grooves and growling basslines, never forgetting the dancefloor.
2007 represents Dabs consecration’ year. In March 2007 the famous German label Basswerk signed his tunes “Far Cry” and “Bullwark” for Basswerk Files 12 release. The summer of the same year the New York darkstep label Mindsaw recordings signed his tunes “Swordfish” and “Love as Weakness”, this last one played in the Therapy Session in Moscow.
In the same year Dabs, together with his partner in crime Aeph (Simone Vallecorsa), got a residence at the Linux Club in Rome, held for years by the Romastyle crew, composed by historical djs Andypop and Ale G, the only ones in the Italian capital to bring on a drum’n bass weekly residence.
From 2006 Dabs exhibited in many Roman Clubs and not only, sharing the console with international dj’s like Hype, Aphrodite, Storm, Silent Witness, Jade, Chook, Dj Radic and he received positive feedbacks on his productions from drum’n bass stars like Break, Concord Dawn, Vicious Circle, Silent Witness, The Green Man and Jade.
2008 will see the birth of a lot of releases, among them a 12”side in collaboration with the Italian duo Lotus (Aeph + Fake001) with the tune “Collateral” on the Oxford based Uk label Maximum Ammo, part of the famous label Dope Ammo records, on the scene since 1998. Also forthcoming “Creaks” in digital format and “Odessah” on a 12”side both for the respected italian label Modulate Recordings… …this is just the beginning for this young talent, which mission is to give a position to his country in the new schools drum’n'bass camp.. STAY TUNED!