DnB Aeon Four -Solace


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Jan 31, 2016
i like you arrangement of breaks and various elements, well done.
the piano sound needs work imo, and the vocals sound too far away.
good work! :2thumbs:


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Apr 30, 2017
Really nice heavy breaks here! I love the vibe the whole way through. really nailed that nostalgic ravey sound. I did think the bass kinda swallowed up the groove a little. Perhaps some side chaining or leveling. maybe even using some silence/shrtr Dcy Time to your advantage, DLR and Octane do a vid where they explain a bit of silence before bass hits emphasizes the hit that much more. you can hear it a lot in old pFunk and Bootsy stuff as well as other funk. It could also just be my taste as well, solid work tho!
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