Aems-The 100 Minute Mixtape

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    Been listening to this, and part 2 which i'll post about, for the past two days and i'm loving it so i thought i'd give a heads up in case no one has seen/heard this mix.

    ''Jungle Flavoured Breakbeats meet Dubstep and Old Skool Rave in this cross genre mash up.''


    Vinyl Junkie & Sike - Wake Up
    Mulder - Cue Burn
    Richie K - Just What Is It - Love This Mix
    Ill Bill Bachelor vs B.U.N. - Yorkshire Pudding
    Mulder - Dread Notes
    Ebony Dubsters - Power Of Ra - Aems Bootleg Breaks Remix
    Aems - Samurai Dread - Original Mix
    The Prodigy - Charley - Mulder Remix
    Lt Wharf vs Bob Marley - Exodus
    Sike - Blown Away
    Aems vs Collie Budds - Come Around
    Aems - High Grade
    Ram Trilogy - No Reality - MulderB293 Remix
    Aems - Terrorist - Original Mix
    Running Man - Taking Me Higher
    N-Trance - Set You Free - DJ Deluxe Remix
    Running Man - Show Me Love Remix
    Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger - Mindflow Remix
    4 Hero - Mr Kirk's Nightmare - Aems Remix
    Sike & Rachel Wallace - Lost In A Daze
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