wannabe dj
So I have a DJM-600 from like 2000. It's been a good mixer, but has finally gotten to the point where it needs some maintenance. I'm starting to hear some static with the volume sliders on channels 3 and 4, and the crossfader is also started to show some wear. To replace those is no problem and I can order the parts directly from Pioneer.

The big issue is the Master Level ATT on the back of the mixer. It is fucked! If I make any adjustments to it I hear crazy amounts of static and even one channel will cut completely out until I fiddle with it. I have found the replacement part, however there are no instructions on how to install it. I've looked at diagrams, and I've taken the mixer apart, and while it appears that this part just snaps in to the board I'd like to be sure there is no soldering involved, and also how to remove the older one, if I need any special tools, that sort of thing.

Here is the part.

Thought I'd ask you guys because I know there are members here (like Turntable Pimp) that repair this sort of equipment all the time. I think a $100 investment for maintenance beats shelling out $800 for a new mixer. Besides, I couldn't sell this with a clear conscious knowing the Master ATT is fucked.

Thanks in advance.