Advice wanted on building a website to showcase dnb tape packs.


Does anyone here know about creating websites? Mainly I would like to know about costs and how easy it is (or isn't) to get one up and running.
I have recently been converting my tape pack collection on to cd and now I'm about three quarters of the way through I've been thinking it would be good to share them.
The packs I have are:
Dreamscape 6 1993
Dreamscape 8 1993
Tazzmania good vibrations 1994
Kool fm 3rd birthday 1994
Awol live in London vol 2 1994
Telepathy Friday at the wax 1994
Helter skelter past present and future 1994
Dreamscape 12 1994
Jungle fever the wild cats back 1995
Helter skelter keep the fires burnin 1995
Dreamscape 19 1995
Helter skelter zoom 1995
Tazzmania vs slammin vinyl 1995
Dreamscape 15 1995
Dreamscape 16 1995
Helter skelter voyager 1996
One nation clash of the titans 1996
Roast valentines experience 1996
Helter skelter imagination 1996
Hardcore heaven feb 96.
Slammin vinyl the payback 1996
Helter skelter anthology ( Hardcore ) 1997
One nation clash of the titans 2 1997
Helter skelter energy 1997
Helter skelter progression 1997
Helter skelter the outer limits 1998
Helter skelter human nature 1998
Dreamscape 28 (hardcore) 1998
Helter skelter timeless 1998
One nation valentines 1999
Heat vs Fever summer 1999
Heat nye 99 / 2000.
Helter skelter millennium jam (Hardcore) 1999
Pure science 2000.
Dreamscape light blue pack 2000
Dreamscape dark blue pack 2000
Slammin vs one nation nye (hardcore) 2000
Helter skelter sidewinder boys are back in town 2001
Best of british takes on the rex 2001
Best of british takes on the rex part 2 2001
Slammin vinyl November (Hardcore) 2001
Accelerated culture 6 2002
Accelerated culture 8 2002
Accelerated culture 10 2002
Human traffic vol 1 2002
One nation the final chapter 2003
United dance the end of an era 2003
United dance the end of an era (Hardcore) 2003
Heat vs fever May 2003.
Accelerated culture 13 2003.
Slammin vinyl sanctuary closed. DNB Hardcore and old skool packs 2004

I'm thinking would be good to have these presented nicely with all the art work to go with them and a facility for others to upload more packs.
I also have another 60 cd packs so I think that would be a great start to a database that could grow into a really substantial library.
I was going to upload them all to soundcloud but think they deserve a bit more love.
does anyone have any ideas how I can do this or what I could do to make it better.
Maybe a flyer library would be good too?


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hold tight for the Kool pack Coiza. It will definitely be uploaded soon. I only have about 6 more packs to convert and will put them all out then, even if it's just on soundcloud.