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Jan 15, 2003
between a rock and a hard place, Hants
EZ Kidkut - You guys definetly need to get your tunes out-an-about, an a label is the way forward, no diggidy.

If you need some logos, artwork etc, holler at me - no charge of course. just happy to help.

You said you might be able to host a lil mix i did - does the offer still stand?


Mar 5, 2003
Bristol, UK
So let me state a scenario here and one of you can say how you would go about it:

Two people front the money to start a label, they have various people they know who have stuff to put out (hence the reason for starting one)

Now if say they pick two tracks they like and want to put that out as their first release, what would they do going by the above, would it be a case of:

- Paying x amount to the artists for the copyright of the track(s)
- Paying for the pressing/records etc
- Either then a). trying to then sell the records directly to stores or b). finding a distributor(s) and selling the records straight to them.

Other questions, how do you sort out tax etc, especially considering if you have a 9-5 already. How many should you get pressed initially, is it best to say press 200 see how they do and get more ? If you wanted to go the distributor route, can anyone recommend any. Whats the legalitly of signing tracks, if we pay for some tracks do we then 'own' the intellectual property rights to that track or could another label jump in and nick it so to speak if they saw that it sold well? For this sort of thing do we need to draw up a contract etc?

Any other things you think would be useful.

@Soundsdevious camp how did you go about sorting your first release, as many details as poss would be useful, if you dont want to post it up you can email me at
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