Advice on speaker upgrade


Jan 3, 2007
Looking to upgrade my speaker and amp after the 4 years of abusing my last system. Ive got between £150-£200 to spend, but dont no what to get.

Quickly looked at and htfr but still havnt got a clue what to get. Want something thats got some power in it without droppin sound quality.

Any reccomendations?

User 66273

You can get a fairly good amp for about 40 quid from cash converters which will do the job just fine. dunno about speakers tbh, i picked a big one from cash converters a while back and it does the job, but its not very clear anymore at high volumes cuz it took so much abuse when i first got it.. Do you have monitors? If you have nice ones then maybe you just need to get a sub and it will all sound bomb? hope this helps
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