Advice Needed: USB Hub Recommendations


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Hey All,

So with my current setup (MacBook Pro, Late 2012) I'm obviously limited on my availability of USB ports. I'm currently using a generic USB 2.0 (AC Powered) which is alright, but I have noticed from time to time some performance issues–nothing crucial, but annoying nonetheless. To add, I'm pretty much occupying all of my inputs–Firewire for my RAID drive, Thunderbolt for second monitor, etc. The consequence of having so many devices is obviously the increased heat distribution and use of system resources (though both are minor issues).

I've been looking into other hub options, specifically a Thunderbolt hub (like this) that would enable me to connect all my devices while having only the thunderbolt cable plugged into my computer, leaving open every other input on my CPU.

That said, does anyone currently use a thunderbolt hub or for any tech nerds out there, are there any benefits to utilizing a thunderbolt hub for all my devices while using only one system USB for my audio interface?

Thanks for any input.