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Nov 14, 2006

As part of the launch of we are offering a Remix Competition of the song "One of These" by Atreus. The Winner of this contest will have the Song Released on Adversion Recordings What a Face

Contest Ends Feb. 1st


-Must use samples from the provided Sample Pack, But you are also allowed to Use other samples, Vsts, Fx, Etc.

- All Genres of remix will be considered

- In order you get link to the sample pack you must sign up on the forum, to submit a tune you must post 10 times in the forum, once you have met this requirement, PM me for link to sample pack

-When Submitting remix, send to

-And Label:

Subject: Remix Comp

-Label Song:


Good Luck

Also on the Forum so far we have a free sample pack from sighnature, Adversion Artist bios and many free mixes and other audio. Eat us alive!!haha, Zombies n whatnot
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