Drum & Bass Adventure Club - Wonder Ft. The Kite String Tangle (Vlaze Re - Work)


Intro wise, loving the way this one started. Drums sound clean as hell, bass is coming through nicely. Build up really sets the tone for a nice jump in pace.

Then IMO the tune went a completely different direction to what i was expecting. I was secretly hoping for it to drop into a liquidy techy bassy minimal ish number.

Although that is my personal taste.

Main verse sounds good overall, drums come through nice, background work its on point to keeping the tune interesting. Imo i do think the vocals and bass could be taken down a little maybe 5-10% volume wise.

Besides that I can't really critique anything, for this type of dnb it sounds just right overall.

Although if I had my way I would love the vocals and melody and octave or two and cut everything 8 bars before the drop and have a really bass techy stomper ha!

Good stuff though man!

If you can find the time to feedback me too that would be great.



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everything seems to gel together nicely man not really my kinda dnb though
think the drums could be boosted a bit the bass is kinda drowning them abit
overall good job man