AddisonDj LIVE Dnb on December 1st 2010


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Jul 8, 2010
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Absolute Slamming DnB from my weekly show on
1)The Smoker (Tantrum Desire Remix) - Sparfunk vs. Shimon
>> Hammerhead - Neonlight & Hedj
2)Space Time - Delta Heavy
3)Magnetix - Crystal Clear & Rhythm Beater
4)Barbara Streisand (Sigma Remix) - Duck Sauce
5)Run It Red feat. Ryme Tyme (Neonlight Remix) - Optiv & Ryme Tyme
6)Black Whip - Bads Robot
7)Shades Of Black - Generic & SKS
8)Collision - Audio
9)Book Of Sight - Ed Rush
10)No Pressure - Prolix
11)The Vacants - Meth
12)Devil - Dc Breaks
13)Chainsaw - Prolix
14)Control Freaks - Audio
15)Airtime - Basher
16)Stratosphere - Audio
17)Stations - Inside Info
18)Mean Streets - Prolix
19)Deep End - Bad Robot
20)So Long - Generic
21)Air Raid - T-Tech
22)It Gets Rough Sometimes - Meth & BTK
23)Submerged (Teebee & Calyx Remix) - Break
24)Spartan Law - Bladerunner
25)Falling Through - Spor & Noisia
26)Snorkel - Siren
27)Colour Wheel ( Friction & K-Tee VIP) - Logistics
28)Branch - Meth
29)Messiah (Noisia Remix) - Konflict
30)Tuning VIP - D Kay & Lee
31)Planet Dust - Bad Company
<< Nosher (Marky & S.P.Y. Remix) - Total Science
32)Authority - Body & Soul vs. Forward
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Apr 10, 2008
haha a friend did exactly the same dd at the start with the smoker & hammerhead :D



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Jul 8, 2010
Detroit, Mi. USA
Nice 1 lol! I kinda didn't want to dd Hammerhead in my intro cuz its such a TUNE which i knew I would have to pull out at the break but the dd is serious filth with those 2 tracks! Neonlight are some BAAAD boi producers atm! Thanks for the download!
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