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DJ AdamAntium
Sound Control Studios, Grapevinez, Bass Dynasty, Timeless, Los Angeles

AdamAntium, Dj/Producer, has been behind the decks for a decade spinning from coast to coast. In '98, he co-founded the group Thorough (Selva Massive, Siphen and himself). He quickly gained residency at the Xanth Club, formerly The Empire Club in San Diego. In 2001 he took his sound across the country and landed another residency at The Azteca in Washington D.C. Missing his hometown, he returned to L.A. and reconnected with long time childhood friend DipVertigo, who was also on the drum n' bass path. Through this connection he was introduced to MCMC and was quickly recognized as a Grapevinez artist, sharing the bill with the likes of Pendulum, Friction, DJ Craze, Freaky Flow, Social Security, Hive, Capital J. and local L.A. headliners.
Wanting to take music to the next level, Adam graduated from Los Angeles Recording School. With the knowledge gained from this institution he launched his own business, Sound Control Studios. With his new found musical interest, Adam quickly discovered the art of sound engineering and recorded such artists as: Maximum Moves (Journey to a Special Place/ B2B Sessions/ Temple of Boom podcast), MC XYZ (Return to B2B Sessions), Re:pete (Demo) and Zoobee MC (25th Century). He also mastered mixes and tracks, putting the final touches on the productions of Divine Elements, Kid Logic, Parson, Luckystrike, Forensics and Gen75.
AdamAntium currently holds residencies at TIMELESS, a drum n bass monthly in the San Fernando Valley and BROKE ON SUNDAYS, the premeire L.A. breaks weekly, also in the San Fernando Valley. With his unpredictable style of smooth rhythms, haunting melodies, techy rollers and devastating breakdowns you never know what to expect next when Adam's on the decks . He continues to bring true drum n' bass to the masses by destroying dance floors across L.A..



1. Tantrum Desire- Dreamscape

2. Shock One- Way You Move

3. Vital Elements- The Ripper

4. No Money- Lets Move

5. Tantrum Desire- The Wight Light

6. Friction & NuBalance- Robo Cop (Taxman rmx)

7. Nicole & Magistrate- The Countdown

8. Super StyleDeluxe Vs. Sonny Wharrton- Meat Cake (Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith)

9. Coda & Sami- Clear Route

10. Aphrodite- Pound 4 Pound

11. Mickey Finn & Erb n Dub - Attention

12. L.A.O.S.- 1990's

13. Joy- Massive

14. Mickey Finn & Erb n Dub- Stop

15. Audio Unit- Soundbwoy

16. Eddy Woo- Roam

17. Ant Miles & Andy C- Apparition

18. Blame- Panic Stations

19. Sparfunk vs. Shimon- Snake Charmer

20. J Majik & Wickaman- Capoeira VIP

21. Sparfunk- Freaknight

22. Shock One- Resistance

23. Terravita- Another Place

24. Moving Fusion- Turbulance

25. Krooked- Serious Sound

26. Nightbreed- It's Alive

27. Future Prophecies- Gangsta

28. Ant Miles & Sparfunk- 200 Degrees

29. Pendulum- Propane Nightmares

30. Muffler- Vision

31. L Plus- Middle East Sun

32. Shimon vs. Sparfunk- The Smoker

33. No Money & Suez- Rapid Recognition

34. Unknown- Megatron

35. Ram Trilogy- Screamer VIP
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The sort of country style tune on the first track Dreamscape is taken from Back to the Future 3 am I right? sounds sick such a random tune to pick lol.
its actually from reqium for a dream. it may have been used in back to the future though. it has been used in countless movie trailers. i love the epic melodies in my d n' b.