Adam F & J Majik "Metro Sound" (Kaos 001P)


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Mar 4, 2002
Adam F & J Majik "Metro Sound" (Kaos 001P)

Yah yah, your probably all sick to death about hearing of this tune but I thought I'd give it a quick mention anyway. As you know this is a picture disk with a picture of Sim City on it. The same tune ("Metro Sound") is on both sides. One side has the city and the other side has some mountains with a URL to Adam F's dial up unfriendly flash website. No.... if you play the tune with the URL your computer won't automaticly go to the website.:rolleyes:

The tune is a tired and played out 1998 sounding pitched down amen tune with blatant Bad Company bass noises. So what makes this one so special? Well some bought it for the picture disk, and others bought it cause its the "Hot tune" at the moment which it is. But I bought it cause I really like the tune. I'm not even really into this "techstep" sound but this one is really cool for me. I like that Bad Company bassline and it sounds even better with the pitched down amen break. Probably what really makes me like this tune is how the tune has little change ups all over the place. Another factor for me enjoying this is the guy saying "Metro Sound". I like a tune I can sing along with you know. Not to many tunes of this type have any vocals so that lends to the appeal I think.

Even if you don't like this tune you probably should get it just cause its a picture disk and the fact it WILL be an important collectors item to have. If you don't get it I fear you will wish that you had. As I said on the Bad Company message board: "If theres one Bad Company record you get this year it should be this one" which is funny cause its not even by them though it sounds just like Bad Company does it not? :P :P :P :P :lol:
once again a money spinner, not much thought into the tune, typical track.
disappointing especially from Adam F and J-majik
whats funnier is that u explain why its funny :]
just a rippoff of mutations vip by fresh and trace imho
i wont get it
I already have 2 copies with another on it's way (don't ask ;) )
Top tune I reckon and the picture disk makes it even more special.
timmah! said:
but doesnt the break sound EXACTLY the same as the lizard?

Its a pitch shifted amen break, its been done since 1992. Its only been since the 1996 techstep era that its been used in tracks in this way.
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