Adalberto - Origami 013


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"Adalberto, the creator/curator of Origami podcast series and now one of the OrigamiSound founders, is known as a connoisseur of melodic tech, lush electronica and organic beats. Now, on the 13th podcast he suddenly changes gear and comes up with a totally reassuring take on the Genre, Formerly Known as DNB.

Imho, it becomes increasingly inappropriate to call this music Drum and Bass: the main action here is not these (once bare and primordially massive) elements anymore… There is so much going on melodically, harmonically, and vocally, that it actually becomes XXI-century IDM in 170 bpm tempo – upgraded with deep bass and spiced with ghostly, DSP-heavy post-R’n’B vocals.

The mix, skilfully recorded in one take and featuring 23 tracks (most of them unreleased) in less than one hour, nevertheless sounds like a carefully planned journey, which satisfies from start to finish. To be completely honest, there were just a couple of moments a bit too fluffy/new-agey for my ears, but all the rest is a finely balanced composition going from darker to lighter moods, with captivating melodies, intricate production and a few surprising non-tracky twists (a killingly charming „Objectivs” by Mammut Is In Love or the otherworldly coda), that easily stands multiple listens. The highlights include Silent Mind’s epic „Vortex”, incredible “Memory Palace” by Eleven Tigers, tracks by Dominic Ridgway, Simple, Saycet, Aebeloe (insert your own fave here)."

1. Elusive Elements - Breathe [unreleased]
2. Dominic Ridgway - Days Away [Silk]
3. Crimean - Watching Her Swim [unreleased]
4. Esoteric Sob - Egomania [unreleased]
5. Nuage - Have No Words [Silk]
6. Jammo - Forever [unreleased]
7. June Miller - Coming Closer [unreleased]
8. Dominic Ridgway - We R The Ppl Of The Revolution [Dubkraft]
9. Ultracode - Vacuum [unreleased]
10. Diazepam - Distances [unreleased]
11. Silent Mind - Vortex (Halfstep Edit)[unreleased promo]
12. Silent Dust - H.A.B.R. [unreleased]
13. Nevermind - Devoid [unreleased]
14. Saycet - 15 [MVS]
15. Mammut Is In Love - Objectivs [Stella Polaris]
16. Eleven Tigers - Memory Palace [unreleased promo]
17. Aebeloe - Nedtoning [Stella Polaris]
18. Conek4 - Chasing le Lotus [unreleased]
19. Simple - Barely Together [unreleased]
20. Kaiori Breathe - I Have Ruined Everything I Cared About [unreleased promo]
21. Tangka - Salamander (Akema Remix)[unreleased]
22. Aebeloe - Uden Titel [unreleased]
23. Akira Rabelais - 1671 Milton Samson 1122 [Samadhisound]

Adalberto - Origami 013