ActRaiser - Lonely Traveller LP on Fokuz Recordings - Out Now - Deepness!


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Apr 3, 2012
Bristol, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
BIG NEWS! My Lonely Traveller LP is finally out on Fokuz Recordings. I'm exceptionally proud of this release and can confidently say it's my best work to date. 13 tracks of super deep and cosmic drum & bass music.
Thanks to all of the DJs out there who have been supporting the LP on promo and thanks to my fellow producers for all the wonderful feedback! It's what keeps me producing! :)

You can buy it exclusively on Beatport for 2 weeks, then it will be released everywhere else.

Cheers guys! :)


Actraiser presents the ''Lonely Traveller LP'' forthcoming on Fokuz Recordings early September 2015. Hailing from Brisol, UK his sounds received support from some of the frontrunners in musical drum & bass such as LTJ Bukem, Nookie, Fabio and Technimatic.

Expect deep, rolling and soulful vibes with that warm distinctive Actraiser sound always fresh and full of cinematic atmospheres.


01. The Road That Lies Ahead
02. Emerald City (feat. Oscar Michael)
03. Been A Long Time
04. Slipstream
05. Quiet Stars
06. Autumn Mist (feat. Oscar Michael)
07. Lonely Traveller
08. Reasons
09. Celestial Navigation
10. Taking Flight
11. Winter Lights (feat. Nelver)
12. Caya's Song
13. Vision Quest
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