Active or Passive?


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Oct 29, 2010
The other half is getting me some new speakers this Christmas to replace the old and knackered speakers which I'm currently mixing on and having to run out the back of an old Hi-Fi....

First decision is obviously between active and passive speakers.

Active speakers providing a clearer and sharper sound but with less bass?

I would, in a perfect world, like a good balance of decent bass and good quality middle and top end.

Budget is £200 and was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations or advice?

£200 doesn't seem enough to cover speakers + amp, so had initially though I'd be going active and had narrowed it down the the following:

Alesis M1 520's - £169 a pair
Behringer TRUTH B2030A - £195 a pair.

Both seem reasonable and I haven't found any bad reviews on either....

Although if anyone can recommend speaker + amp packages for <£200 then please shout!!


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Oct 29, 2010
When I was looking at the same thing, this article was really useful:

I went for Alesis M1 320s, but only because I got them dirt cheap at about 50 quid, which were quite good for what I needed at the time

Since got some second hand KRK Rokit 5s for under £200 but think you'll be lucky to find another bargain like that

So you went for active over passive.....any particular reason why?


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Jan 16, 2009
Yeah Ive got the Alesis ones they look sexy too

You can add more bass using the EQ on back too
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