Acoustic Terrorist - Acoustic Trauma Podcast 001 (dark)


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Hi guys, I'm new here and I thought i'd share my mix of today :rolleyes:

Mostly darkstep and darker dnb, also contains a few hardcore tracks

It's all vinyl, the mix skips a few beats at some points but i guess it's do to wavelab problems.

Tracklist and link below, enjoy!!

01.Limewax - Big Bang
02.Mumblz & Gancher - Braincracklin
03.Neophyte - Braincracking
05.The Masochist -Killing Scum
06.The Outside Agency - Chaos Theory
07.Counterstrike & Gein - Pentagram
08.Evol Intent - Dead On Arrival
09.Current Value - Dark Rain
10.I:Gor - Dark Passenger
11.Medico - Bi-Polar Disorder
12.Current Value - You Need A Therapist
13.Counterstrike, Silent Killer & Breaker - Weapon
14.DJ Hidden - Earth Cry
15.Current Value - Faith
16.Kitech - World Ends
17.Peter Kurten - Insane
18.Matar & Greyone - Tortured By Darkness
19.Peter Kurten - Arythmia
20.Donny Feat.Blik & DJE - Amputation VIP
21.Antichristus - Damn Regrets