Acid_Lab pres. Kodama - Shaolin Master/Cell Structure [VAR004] Out June 15

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    Coming in deep and dark for VAR004, we bring you German newcomer Acid_Lab featuring his Kodama guise, dedicated to all things techy and dark. Hints of oldschool techstep, particularly on a Photek vibe,
    these are two eerie minimal numbers showing off what he's all about. Cool and deadly, and definitely not to miss.

    VAR004 Acid_Lab pres. Kodama - Shaolin Master/Cell Structure


    Shaolin Master
    Haunting asian tip on this one, just as the name suggests. If you're into your kung-fu, make sure to grab it!

    Cell Structure
    Updating the dark and moody vibes of old, this one is a fitting update on the late-90s filth found among drum n bass's dancefloors of those days. The bass stabs turn this one into a devastating number.

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    Released: June 15, 2010

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