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Discussion in 'Production' started by omowglio, Oct 6, 2010.

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    just got a virus ti desktop not second model, i cant register teh product because its second hand and i need to get the os4 update, but that should be resolved. however when running with logic pro 8

    i open logic and it detects teh virus and is trying to finalize audio units after 20 mins it asks me to run logics au manager where it says that teh virus is unvalidated and displays these text windows

    Incompatible Audio Units found.

    While verifying Audio Unit compatibility, Logic Pro encountered 1 Audio Unit plug-in(s) which did not pass the Apple AU validation. These plug-ins have been excluded from further usage in Logic Pro to prevent possible problems or crashes. You can start the AU Manager now to review the validation results or continue the startup process.

    crashed validation in AU manager

    how can i get around this or is it just due to my os registration ?

    is there a way of running the virus without using the vst ???

    any help much appreciated
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    Try the Access forums, the people there might know more.