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Apr 9, 2004
anyone know of any good acapellas to mix in with some real dutty dnb/jungle beats?
please lemme know!

big up to tha massive!
can't think of many myself. i dont own many many acapellas. respect for usin em in ur mixes tho :2thumbs: its a pleasure to listen to and u dont see it around much nowdays
i fuck about with an accapela of
Last Night aDJ saved my life
its slow enuff to mix it half time, and everyone pisses themself laughing when i rock it on top of Itchs Generation..
that is until it misses coupla bits and everyone points and laughs at me...
a guy here in the states from dc i think named Ackshun Jackson is the master at putting accapellas over dnb, if you ever see his name definately check him out.
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