Absys Records - VA: Deep Dubstep Compilation


Hmph..... silly...
VIP Junglist

1. Adi Sharma - Waves From Inner Space
2. Barefoot - Sundance
3. Elo Method & Slovar - Inhale
4. Es.tereo & Marlyn - Unsafe Operations
5. Hidden Element - Twilight
6. LeStR - Vapour
7. LM1 - Journey
8. Minor Rain - Queen Of Heaven
9. Nuage - Let Me Believe
10. Physical Illusion - In To The Wild
11. RedRabbit - Hours Of Silence
12. Sub - 5th Hero

Absys Records Limited sublabel shows up again, now with this "Deep Dubstep Compilation". Twelve tracks, most of them in 140 bpm tempo, are brought to our attention by various artists from all around the world, many of whom previously contributed their work to the label with great outcome. As Absys had proven before, quality is constant, but each single track differs in atmosphere, as the range of influences is very wide. We are cruising from dark and brooding concerns in "Inhale" and to the lighter touch of summer in Barefoot's "Sundance", ethnic elements in "Unsafe Operations" are moving towards some catchy vocals and stabs in LeStR "Vapour", sense of ethereal feeling of "Queen of Heaven" to overwhelming power of doubt in Nuage's "Let me Believe" – it is all here. Those twelve diverse works available on CD and digital in all respected stores, so do not hesitate and grab yourself a copy !