Abstract Elements - Acid Coke / Naprimer (Demand Records)


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I know there's already a thread for both tunes but I thought I rather have one combined with all the info...

On our 19th release Bop & Diagram join forces to build the incredible combo that is Abstract Elements. Having had releases on Exit, Auxiliary and Space Cadets this russian "microfunk" duo has never stopped to produce amazing music. Acid Coke & Naprimer are no expectation and one of the most unique tunes ever gracing our Inbox.

Picking up the darkly heavy rhythms where DMND017 left off, this time St. Petersburg-based duo made up of Bop and Diagram, Abstract Elements suit up for a bass-heavy rumble around the 170 mark.
“Naprimer” is a tech-stepper of a different nature. Swarming in heavy with atmospheric sampling and the ominous metronome tick of an endless countdown, the gathering tension breaks into deep, minimal beats weighted down by a monolithic ridge of tape-warped bass.
Continuing that crisp, minimal sound on the click-happy percussives of “Acid Coke”, Abstract Elements brings in yet another deep destroyer. This time with barely a beat to counterpoint, the bass is free to wander, causing destruction throughout the low end. With sound effects to make your skin crawl and a surprise genre-bending build-up in the second half, it's true madness in the method.
There's more to Bop’s production than ‘minimal funk’ sounds. Working with Diagram, they play with textures and wrestle with sinewy basslines in a way not many producers dare to, offering more than just dancefloor smashing beats. Their tunes are their trophies.
Welcome to Abstract Elements' world. You'll never want to leave.

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