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    Absys Records present 8th digital release
    RELEASE DATE : 17th February 2014



    Appearing with a new EP release on Absys Records is Bryan Johns aka SGNL. A lifelong musician whose professional career launched with the formation of the drum'n'bass neurofunk trio the Robot Death Squad, Johns' music has appeared on a number of labels, among them Covert Operations, Flatline Audio, Moving Shadow, Rubik Records, Noisy Meditation, and, of course, Absys. Progenitor, which features Johns collaborating with Alcrani on two cuts and R4NSOM on one, hits harder than Flaneur and complements Evocativ's atmospheric dimension with a punchy rhythmic drive. Though a typical Progenitor cut sees Johns peppering crisp beat workouts with vocal snippets and grounding them with a thick bass undertow, a smattering of dubstep seeps into the scenesetting “Progenitor” specifically in the cut's lowend bass attack, while Johns keeps the listener engaged on high with a series of clipped vocal flourishes and billowing synth textures. As strong are “Don't You Know” , which Johns and Alcrani power with a muscular groove and colour with a generally foreboding vibe; “Soul” where the two stoke the fires of a wiry, dubstepinflected pulse; and “Rubber”, which finds Johns and R4NSOM tipping the balance away from dubstep and back to neurofunk of a particularly evocative and nasty kind. Review by Ron / textura.org



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