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Does anyone own one of these? what are the benefits of it? I almost bought one today, but was extremely sensible, and walked out the shop empty handed, purely because I'm unsure if it will benefit my productions that much?
Do you mean Ableton Push or Novation launchpad Fletch ? Either way, they are pretty similar products. Check some Music Radar reviews/videos here (Push is getting rave reviews everywhere atm for Ableton users):

What do they do ? In short imagine session view but tranplanted onto a hardware device, you can launch different clips, configure effects, twist knobs for your macros etc.

I own Maschine, which whilst not quite the same it does have a mode that mimics the launchpad for use within Ableton and tbh I don't use it much at all. In the studio it all comes down to workflow with these devices imo, if you dislike mouse clicking or your equipment is far away from your pc, or if you just want something tactile that gives you all functionality without having to stop and go back to your computer then it could be worth it. For me though, as my Midi keyboard is a novation impulse and has a fair few functions that integrate well with Ableton I'm sticking with that (with one caveat that Maschine is absolutely great for using as drums pads and using the drum sequencer, I imagine Push or Launchpad could be similar).

I think they come into their own for live players mostly. Rather than hiding behind some computer screen it's actually something that works really well to be 'playing' live.

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Yeah I meant the Novation LaunchPad
It's up to you. If you feel you need an interface for Live... I don't think it will give you much benefits on producing. Of course it depends on your workflow, but as I have the Korg PadKontrol and the Akai APC40 (which is a more extended version of a Launchpad), I can tell that I'm not using them much for production. They are more for live and to get load of fun on tweaking parameters and jumping from clips and scenes with an hardware feeling. Same goes for Novation Launchpad, I've been using one, quite funny and easy and cheap.

I'll say to buy it if it's a good price on the shop. Otherwise, check on Amazon or Digital Village in London (they do deliver online), you can find it very cheap.

If you plan to use it as a drum pad, remember that is not velocity sensitive ( (n) )
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I have one, pretty useless for producing dnb unless you like to arrange by launching different clips and recording. Can be fun if you set up some decent fx templates but it's not very precise so using it as a modulation control is hit n miss.
I got mine cheap off a mate and don't regret it but if you're not sure what you'll use it for then you probly won't use it more than a few times.