Ableton Live As A Traditional DJ Setup


Drench Audio
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I'm off to uni next week, so am going to be away from my turntables & vinyl for most of the time, but do have my laptop. I want to still have some form of mixing in my life, so wondered whether there was anyway to setup ableton live in a normal way ie. 2 tracks with pitch shifter.

I worked out how to set a crossfader between two channels, but not how to pitch tunes up and down as with decks. I want to use ableton live rather than something like virtual dj, because the potential possibilities are huge in terms of live performance, but the auto warping which most ableton djs use never fits completely with dnb tracks because of the speed and complexity, not just four on the floor beats. Also I want to feel like I'm mixing rather than setting up a set before hand and fine tuning all the mixes before even pressing play