ableton crashing

ok. . . . .Im pissed. About every ten minutes ableton crashes. only while its playing. it just stops. the play button is still green, as if its playing, but its not. it'll sit like that until i force close it, or it says 'ableton encountered a serious error'. right now I'm running a kick, snare and a couple bass tracks. . . . . .nothing crazy, not even close to cpu over consumption. I'm even more pissed because I used a stolen ableton 8 for years. Now I purchase Live 9 and I can't even get into anything without it just not working. Its so bad, when i use midi, i need to freeze and flatten, so when it crashes, i don't lose what i made. Its fucking ridiculous. . . . . .. please tell me someone has a fix for this. I even sent the report to ableton, with no response!!

Macbook pro
Ableton 9 9.0.6
Yes, its payed for
yes, vst's are payed for.


i fukin wot m8
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But on a serious note, it sounds like an isolated incident, so i'd recommend checking out's support section, or maybe just give them a call. You might have to end up reinstalling, which is fine, because you still keep all your shit
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