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Hey guys.. I've decided to take up DJ'ing not so long ago, opened a label called "Neurology Recordings". We're releasing neurofunk drum'n'bass in digital stores such as itunes, juno, trackitdown, beatport. Our first release is coming on 15th of march so we are pretty new. :D we're just getting a start and organising our first gigs in my city, so I'm 99% sure you're hearing about us for the first time. DJing's a lot of fun to me so I decided to make my own amateur podcast that is "Abduction Theory". I am playing the best of neuro tunes from all over the world most usually, because so far I have only received a few e-mails with tracks good enough to be played, my main purpose though is to let people know about the new, unsigned or unknown talented prods out there, !

So here's the link to my latest show: http://neurology.pdj.ru/podcasts/2200210/Abduction_Theory_Podcast_008_Mixed_by_Innovix.html
link 2: http://soundcloud.com/neurologyrecs/abduction-theory-podcast-008

I know it's Russian, but hope you find the "listen" button. If anyone of you would like to receive this mix full 320 kbps and doesn't know how to register on that website, just ask me I will provide a link via pm.

That's it for now. In this topic I will be posting all my shows (coming out once a week usually).
Please, leave your feedbacks! Negative are welcome too! ;)
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Hey guys, in this thread I will post my podcast that I present to you from the name of my label (it says mixed by Innovix, but that is my very old stage name, nowadays I used as a Neurofunk producer)

Style: neurofunk drum'n'bass
about podcast: the best of neurofunk mixed down by innovix every week. our accent is to promote unknown musicians and to show the world newest and best neurofunk tunes.

Abduction Theory Podcast vol. 008
link: http://neurology.promodj.ru/podcasts/2200210/Abduction_Theory_Podcast_008_Mixed_by_Innovix.html
link 2: http://soundcloud.com/neurologyrecs/abduction-theory-podcast-008

Noisia - Friendly Intentions
Int Company - Uppi (ORiginal Mix)
Noisia - Displaced
Int Company - Xero (Original mix)
Vidual - Good girl
Lynx - Nautical Coma
Xample & Lomax - Link 2 The Past
Gridlok & MC Dino - Watching Us (The Upbeats remix) [TUNE OF THE MONTH]
Audio - Exposed
Ulterior Motive & FD - All That We Are

send your tunes -> neurology.demos@hotmail.com with topic "podcast" and get ur tune in next week's show!
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Abduction Theory Podcast vol. 009

link: http://neurology.promodj.ru/podcasts/2218324/Abduction_Theory_Podcast_009_Mixed_by_Innovix.html
link2: http://www.mixcloud.com/Innovix/abduction-theory-podcast-vol-009/
link 3: https://soundcloud.com/neurologyrecs%2Fabduction-theory-podcast-009

In this week's show I am glad to present three excellent "Neurology Recordings" dubplate. All the release dates can be found here: www.myspace.com/neurologyrec/blog
Pretty much a very powerful show this week with really awesome tracks, and special thanks go out to Flare and Krot who were kind enough to share their tracks for free in 320 kbps.
Enjoy, comments are welcome.

Innovix - Neurology [Coming soon on Neurology Recordings: 21/03/11]
Imprintz & Kloe - Shade Of The Knight
Innovix - Illusive Presence [Coming soon on Neurology Recordings: 01/04/11]
Flare - Xenoform
Audio - Emessions
Phace & Misanthrop - Desert Orgy
Nu Mind - Guttersnipe [Coming soon on "Guttersnipe/Barbershop" EP (Neurology Recordings): 26/03/11]
Nu Mind - Unbones
Krot - Bad Feelings
The Trigger & Flare - Habbit

And don't forget, if you would like to have your track played in our weekly podcast, send your tunes to neurology.demos@hotmail.com with mark "podcast".