Abducted Soundscapes Vol.3::DNB+DUB::Mixed LIVE by Dioptrics

Abducted Soundscapes Vol.3:: DNB+DUB
Mixed LIVE by Dioptrics

Download the full set with the link below::
http://jaxdnbftp.teamshocker.com/music/dmin/Dioptrics- Abducted Soundscapes Vol 3.mp3

01::Diode- Antimatter (Abducted)OUT NOW!
02::Nize5ive[NEONLIGHT] & Rolar - Epidemic (T.I.M. Unreleased)
03::Rico-loot and slaughter (dangerous new age Unreleased)
04::Exorcist - Riven Heart (Abducted)OUT NOW!
05::N.Phect- Musclecar
06::Zeal & Litta - Dial Tone (Abducted)OUT NOW!
07::Dextems - Refraction (Abducted Unreleased)
08::Utopia - Fast Forward
09::Diode- Dirt Nap (Abducted)OUT NOW!
10::Spor- Some Other Funk
11::Nize5ive & Pitch'n'Sulphur - One Way (Abducted)OUT NOW!
12::Smooth - Nervous Breakdown (No Money Rmx) Dangerous New Age
13::Rregula- Ghost Car
14::Eleventh Sun - Never Free (Abducted Unreleased)
15::Maztek- Motherboard Burning (C2D Unreleased)
16::Raytem, Soultonic & Evilicio - Saturn (Abducted Unreleased)
17::Misanthrop+ Phace- Mammoth
18::T.Snake & D. Wolf- Tech As Fuck
19::Upbeats- SFX
20::Psycho- i got ya!!!(Abducted Unreleased)
21::Subterra- The End feat. Dekko
22:: Dirtyphonics- Vandals
23::Section 8 - Fishscale (Abducted Unreleased)
24::SPL- Cobalt
25::J.Nitrous- Deception(Abducted)OUT NOW!
26::Instinct- Sketchy Max (u wot Ruckus & Roke rmx)(Betamorph Unreleased)
27::Vaski- You Wouldn't Understand
28::Rico Tubbs- Gangsters (Tes La Rok Rmx)
29::Richie August- Down Town (Abducted)OUT NOW!
30::Temper D and Balkansky - Passing Through(Rocstar Unreleased)
31::Richie August- Grunt Work (Abducted)OUT NOW!
32::MK2- Faceplant(Betamorph Unreleased)
33::Ceeker Feat.Blackheart- True Blood(Abducted)OUT NOW!
34::Rico Tubbs- Ghetto Funk Baby (High Rankin Rmx)
35::Flux Pavilion - The Step (Stupid Fly Unreleased)
36::Section 8 - Mercury (Abducted Unreleased)
37::Symbl- Fed Up (Stupid Fly Unreleased)
38::Teksteppa & Onyx- Swingin (Ureleased)
39::Temper D - Deejay Barton (Rocstar Unreleased)
40::Shackles- Amnesia (Abducted)OUT NOW!
41::Larry Tee- Hipster Girl (Evol Intent Rmx)
42::Joker& Ginz- PurpleCity
43::Symbl- 8 percent by volume (Unreleased)
44::Triple Sickz- The Ether (Unreleased)
45::Kelly Dean - Mark Instinct - Sketchy Maxx Remix (Betamorph Unreleased)
46::KOAN Sound- Clowny (Abducted) OUT NOW!

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