A tribute to David Lynch - Eraserhead


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PAEBAC ft Yolanda - Eraserhead

Absolutely love this film so here is my tribute to David Lynch being such a fucking amazing director. I love the way Yolanda's vocals sounded on this track, my original idea was just to keep that vocal on the first breakdown but she did it so good , we did a lot of different versions and it changed the whole way the track was going. I feel and hope that this track respects the film even though it reflects my chaotic and fucking noisy style. I also felt it appropriate that the track was as the film is ................a little bit fucked up, but enough to know whats goin on. Out of all films I have seen/heard this one has the most amazing sound, when u consider this was made in the 70's it is all the more amazing.

track at 320 ............