A Tribute Show to Renegade Hardware by Indesign Soldier

Indesign Soldier

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Dec 3, 2019
Next up on my 'History Sessions' show on Radioactivefm.co.uk is a Tribute to Renegade Hardware. 40+ tunes showcase the label that made 'Future Beats for Future People'. Renegade Hardware was one of the major record labels in drum and bass spanning 21 years from 1996 to 2017.

Creatively born in South London by Clayton Hines & Mark Hill, Renegade Hardware has shaped and shifted the drum n bass scene in more ways than one. The Hardware imprint set grounding standards, associating itself with a darker more cutting edge sound of rolling militant drum n bass.

It is this sound that over the years has spawned new Genres of D&B such as Tech and Neuro. Some may say these new sounds have mutated and have lost their connections to funk and soul. One thing for certain, you can always recognise a Renegade Hardware Tune and it will definitely stir your soul.

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