A Talon

This has been a long time coming (about a year to be more precise) but i've put this mix together for all the DnB heads worldwide. Over the last couple of years I’ve heard lots of talk about Drum and Bass and how it’s lost its luster. How it’s not as fresh and exciting as it used to be and how it’s being overtaken by Dubstep. I’ve even heard the term ‘Drum and Bass is dead.’ Personally, I’m still really excited about the music and what it’s got to offer. I genuinely don’t think for a moment that DnB is dying. I do think it’s changing and it will continue to change as it has done from the beginning. That’s part of what makes it so exciting. It’s ability to constantly adapt and move with the times while still keeping its authentic characteristics. I remember being sooo enthusiastic about DnB when I was first getting into it. I’d search high and low for the music I wanted and I wouldn’t stop hunting until I’d found it. It was so new and refreshing. Looking back at those times, I realize that maybe I was more enthusiastic back then, but It’s only natural that with time it wouldn’t ‘all’ seem as ground-breaking as it once did. Thing is, I’m still really, really passionate about DnB and still find myself hunting down music I wanna get my hands on and even now I still get butterflies when I hear a ‘big’ tune. It probably shouldn’t, but it hurts when I hear people say that DnB is shit or that it’s not as good as it used to be. I just think that now, you have to be a lot more selective with what you buy as there’s so much rubbish out there these days. It’s not that there’s no god DnB. It’s just that you have to look a little harder to find the quality. To be fair, it’s the same with all music these days. The fact there’s so many producers and ‘wanna be’ producers out there churning out rubbish means that quality control isn’t as stringent as maybe it once was but for me, I just think if you spend a little time searching for what you’re looking for, eventually you’ll find it.

Anyway, taking all this into consideration, I wanted to put a mix together that encompasses what it is I personally love about Drum and Bass. A mix that wasn’t just packed from start to finish with whack wobblers or cheesy liquid or even relentless darkness. I wanted it to show the diversity of the music and recreate that feeling I used to get when I heard a big stinking double drop or a nasty screw-face bassline. As such, this mix is a little different to some of the stuff I’ve done in the past, but I feel it does what I wanted it to. Hope you all enjoy it.

All feedback’s welcome; positive or otherwise. I’m sure it won’t be everybodys cup of tea, but I hope when you listen to it, you can hear what I was trying to do.



Sendspace link - http://www.sendspace.com/file/4xb5wc

New Soundcloud page up so if you can't be arsed downloading it, just give it a quick listen instead. Couple of my own things on there too. More coming soon. Watch this space.


1. Goldie - Letting Go - Metalheadz
2. Chris Octane & DLR (Dirty Le Roi) - Back in the Grind - Dispatch (forthcoming)
3. Jubei - Entrapment - Metalheadz
4. Alix Perez - Myriads - Shogun Audio
5. Linden - Don't Look Now - Unreleased
6. Quark - Midnight is a Place - Unreleased
7. High Contrast - The Ghost of Jungle Past - Hospital
>> Calibre - Stay High - Signature
8. Subwave - I need You - Hospital
>> Break - The Clamp - Symmetry
9. Blu Mar Ten - Close V.I.P. - Blu Mar Ten Records
10. Chris Octane & DLR (Dirty Le Roi) - Drop Out - Dispatch (Forthcoming)
11. Bladerunner - Mercinary Dub - 36 Hertz
12. Rufige Kru - Riders Ghost V.I.P. - Metalheadz
13. Blu Mar Ten - Above Words - Blu Mar Ten Records
14. Ruckspin & A-Talon - Too Late - Unreleased
15. Subwave - Stars Get Down - Hospital
16. Subwave - First Time - Metalheadz
17. Goldie - Kemistry - Metalheadz
18. Breakage - 47 Kutz - Reinforced
19. Spectrasoul - Poseidon - Deep Soul Music
20. Alix Perez - Voices - Shogun Audio
21. Linden - Old Days - Diverse Products
22. John Rolodex - Wrecking Ball - Dread